Financial Aid & Scholarship

The Malaysian government has emphasized education as one of the continuously supporting and growing sectors for the countrya��s economic growth.

In regards to that, financial aid is provided to all Malaysian students to pursue their higher education and help them make their dream come true as a successful graduate and employee in future.

Financial Bodies Providing Aid For Education

Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN).
Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA a�� BUMIPUTRA ONLY).
Employment Provident Fund (EPF).
Pertubuhan Keselamatan Sosial (PERKESO).
ZAKAT Negeri.

Siblings Discount

Siblings are entitled to RM500 discount on their tuition fee. This is a one-off deduction for new registrations only. The sibling discount will be given to the next sibling when :

Both siblings study at PIIC at the same time and tuition fees are paid full.
If one of the siblings has completed or is still pursuing a program more than a year.

Applicable for all programs at PIIC.
This discount is applicable to both Malaysians and International Students *Terms & Condition Apply.
Application Deadlines: 1 Month after the commencement of courses.
Application form can be obtained from Putra Care Centre.

Putra Foundation (Scholarship)

Putra Intelek International College has established a foundation known as Putra Foundation Fund to administer the issuance of RM 6 million scholarship to Malaysian students. The quantum of the scholarship has been equally balanced for deserving Malay, Chinese, Indian students.

RM 6 million will be allocated for deserving Malay, Chinese and Indian students. These students need to obtain minimum 5 As in their SPM and 2As in their STPM to be eligible for the Putra Foundation scholarship. The scholarship will be categorized as full and partial scholarship. Only straight As achievers will qualify for full scholarship. Student who have obtained the minimum As, will qualify to apply the partial scholarship. The final selection of successful applicant for scholarship will be under the jurisdiction of Putra Foundation Fund Selection Committee.

Partial Scholarship

Each successful applicant who will pursue diploma program will be given RM5,000 as scholarship.
Each successful applicant who will pursue degree program will be given RM 10,000 as scholarship.
Full Scholarship

Full Scholarship

For straight As achiever, the tuition fees will be fully paid by the Putra Foundation Fund.

Conditions :
The scholarship is strictly for Malaysian student.

Send your details with contact number and full address to