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Certified Risk Associate (CRA)
Online Learning
  The current risk environment presents organizations with the greatest challenges in 60 years. Economic turmoil, climate change, terrorism, the collapse of whole industries - turbulence and uncertainty have become a way of life.
EIRM has a proven track record of supporting effective risk management practices and the responses necessary to cope with present conditions. Through educational programming, risk community-building, knowledge dissemination, consulting, or innovative mentoring programs for risk managers,

EIRM has shown itself to be a leader in its comprehensive approach to advancing the cause of modern risk management practice. Whether you represent public organizations, multinational corporations, international NGOs, or small start-up organizations, EIRM has an answer to help you improve the quality and effectiveness of your organizationís risk management practices.

Certified Risk Associate (CRA) is to provide students with the ability to:
  • Integrate risk management into their understanding of general business principles, and
  • Integrate risk management into their own organizationís operations
As the sole Asian Centre for Risk Management Professional certification in collaboration with European Institute of Risk Management, we provide this unique certificate program for students to enhance their knowledge in risk management and also for anyone who is interested in upgrading their education.
  • SPM, Diploma, Degree or minimum 1 year relevant work experience
  • 3 Months
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