Diploma In Forensic Computing (DFC)

Forensic data analysis is the process of revealing and discovering evidentiary information that may not be apparent or completely concealed. With the availability of data mining techniques, this process may also include intelligent prediction of events and attack-pattern recognition and helps analysts and programmers /users find more data analysis tools by going through this course with extensive knowledge on open source and commercial and gives more information and guiding new job seekers in the industry of Information Technology as well as Forensic computing.

Awarding Institution: Putra Intelek International College
Duration: 2 years
Tuition Fees: Please contact PIIC
Loan and Finance: Please contact PIIC

Job Prospects & Sector

Forensics counselors & Analysts
System Programmers
System Engineers
Forensics Lab Assistants & Lab Technicians
Forensics Data Entry Operators
Software Engineers
Networking Engineers
Digital communication Administrators
Network Security and Cryptology Tech assistants
Software Testers
Network engineers
System analysts

Did You Know?

Cyber crimes & threat are growing fast in Asia
Thousands of job opportunities awaits if you have forensic skills
ICT studies are categorized as Public Key Infrastructure for Malaysia
Forensic Computing is rated as a major component of ICT industry in Malaysia
More than RM15 billion worth investment yearly

Core Subjects

E- Commerce
Cyber Crime & Investigation
Cyber Vulnerability & Assessment
Network Environment & Security
Business Organization & Structure
Management Principles
Computer Forensic Fundamentals
Data Communication & Networking
Cryptography & Protection
Cyber Law
Media & Digital Ethics
Programming Fundamentals Cyber Defense
Database Management