Diploma In Digital Security (DDS)

Digital Security:
Understanding and combating the threat. The course covers threat source and nature of cyber threats with likely targets and threat scenarios. Effective Digital Security is only possible through identifying, analyzing, classifying and understanding the threat. This is challenging as there are a variety of threat sources ranging from malicious individuals to nation and states.

Awarding Institution: Putra Intelek International College
Duration: 2 years
Tuition Fees: Please contact PIIC
Loan and Finance: Please contact PIIC

Job Prospects & Sector

Database Recovery consultant
Data Entry Operator
System Analyst
Digital Security counselor
System Engineers
Lab Technicians
System analysts
Project coordinator
Project Leaders
Cryptography analysts

Did You Know?

More than 16,000 cyber related crimes reported for the year 2012 in Malaysia
Thousands of job opportunities available in government & private sector
The ratio of need for cyber security specialist is 1 : 9600 computers
RM3.7 billion allocation for ICT education and training field under MDEC

Core Subjects

E- Commerce
Cyber Crime & Investigation
Cyber Vulnerability & Assessment
Network Environment & Security
Business Organization & Structure
Management Principles
Computer Forensic Fundamentals
Data Communication & Networking
Cryptography & Protection
Cyber Law
Media & Digital Ethics
Programming Fundamentals
Cyber Defense
Database Management