Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering)

Globalization has led to an intense competition in the consumer market. Producers are pressured with the increasing need to understand the need of the market and ensure value added products and services are offered to enhance their sustainability and growth. Consumer on the other hand have the upper hand to demand for better quality products and services as products and services market move towards an imperfect market situation. Companies that grow are companies which remain relevant to the market a�� companies which products and services are to the best interest of the consumers. An understanding of business strategy therefore requires a clear understanding of the consumersa�� perceptions, needs, wants and desires. Consumers are a major stakeholder and satisfying them have become of paramount important. This program is an integration of Consumer Science field of study and includes Management, Marketing, Economics and Consumer Behavior as the core field of study.

Job Prospects & Sector

Computer Information Consultant
Computer Support Officer
Database Developer
Database Administrator
IT Consultant
Systems Administrator
Systems/Business Analyst
Risk and Recovery Planners

Entry Requirements

Digital Media is the fastest growing IT industry in the world
More than RM45 billion government investments in ICT & Digital Media industry in 2013
Work with top global brands both in Malaysia and overseas
Opportunity to start your own business online (faster and easier)

Programme Modules

SPM/0-LEVELS/ equivalent with minimum 3 credits and a pass in Mathematics

Core Subjects

Semester 1
Computer Application
Basic Mathematics
English for Business Communication 1
Programming Language
Pengajian Islam / Pendidikan Moral

Semester 2
English for Business Communication 2
Introduction to IT
Visual Programming

Semester 3
Pengajian Malaysia
Cyber Marketing
Data Communication & Networking

Semester 4
Web Development
Introduction to Database
Operating Systems
Introduction to Multimedia
Human Computer Interaction

Semester 5
Advanced Web Development
Multimedia Development
System Analysis & Design

Semester 6
Bahasa Kebangsaan A/B
Business Organisations
Management Information System

Semester 7
Internet Technology